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Empower your e-commerce business with seamless shipping and end-to-end fulfillment




Customer satisfaction


Tracking accuracy


Shipping costs

Accelerate your business growth with our cutting-edge shipping software and comprehensive fulfillment services, whether you operate in a B2B or B2C or DTC environment

What makes us your best choice

Flexible storage

Optimize inventory and shipping management services with adaptable options for efficient space utilization

Faster order processing

Streamline End-to-end fulfillment services with efficient processes, reducing lead time.

Minimal weight discrepancy

Accurately calculate weights, minimizing discrepancies for transparent costs.

Robust return handling

Simplify returns for enhanced customer satisfaction.

D2C and B2B support

Serve both direct-to-consumer and business-to-business sales.

Nationwide delivery

Reliable Order Fulfillment solutions in India

Unify Your Shipping Experience with Our
Carrier Aggregator Platform

Centralized Order Management

Handle all your sales channels in one place.

Wide Selection

Benefit from multiple carriers’ pricing flexibility  

Transparent Tracking

Real-time shipment updates help you increase customer satisfaction by 25%.

Reduced RTOs

Reduce RTOs by 35–40% through our efficient NDR (Non-Delivery Report) management.

Our Story

Founded in 2018 as an end-to-end fulfillment service provider, Shift Logistics has evolved and adapted to the changing landscape of the logistics sector. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, our vision transformed into a comprehensive solution for businesses nationwide. Our carrier aggregator application and strategically located fulfillment centers cater to businesses of all sizes, offering seamless order storage, tracking, and End to End fulfilment services. With a focus on customer satisfaction and efficient operations, Shift Logistics is dedicated to streamlining the fulfillment and logistics needs of businesses across India.

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