Being a powerful partner for eCommerce fulfillment means we provide the following benefits:

Boost Sales and Optimize Merchant Inventory

We can always find ways to optimize and streamline eCommerce logistics to fuel customer acquisition and shipping efficiency, leading to increased sales and higher profitability. Our impact is deep into your shipment operations to ensure every delivery is accurately tracked and on time, with an easy-to-use platform providing you with complete visibility.

Seamless Integration

We offer pre-built integrations to all major shopping carts like Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce and marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart. Customers can also integrate any of their systems using our developer-friendly REST API.

Rapid Packing, Shipping, and Returns

Same-day packing and shipping for any size or type of inventory is a reality at Shift. We take complete care of fulfilling your orders – our extensive experience working with many eCommerce businesses means we can eliminate vulnerabilities in the supply chain and order delays.

Quick returns are also a product of our optimized logistics structure, and as an essential point of contact with your customers, we can ensure they’re dealt with promptly. Treating returns with the same enthusiasm we do for delivery fulfillment helps customers feel satisfied and cared for, which keeps them coming back.

Revolutionize Your Customer Experience

Positive customer experience is in the design of every part of our work in streamlining and enhancing your eCommerce operations. Customers will always feel genuinely cared for with same-day delivery, reduced delays, regular prompts, close contact, tracking, and shipping status updates. So whether your business is small or large, Shift delivers an experience that ensures you’ll be constantly growing.