Warehouses Optimized in Every Way

Optimizing logistics begins with making life easier for everyone:

  • Flexible timeline – our customers can store items for a single day or several years, and we welcome everyone with valuable price packages to support them
  • Flexible storage - whether you need 1 or 10,000 SKUs, we have the infrastructure to support your fluctuating needs – downgrade or upgrade your storage with a single phone call
  • Inventory watch – with automated cloud-based software, you'll gain complete visibility of your stock so you can monitor, inspect and manage all of your data – including product restock periods, out-of-stock confinements, and your freight switching requirements
  • The best locations – by prioritizing accessible locations close to highways and airports and consistently spread across all major cities of India, Shift has a warehouse to store inventory close to your customers
  • Any type of product – that includes every size, custom, and industry – if you make it, we store it
  • Certified and secured facilities – our staff is entirely trained, certified, and experienced in handling a diverse range of inventory and keeping our facilities safe

Contracts That Favor Our Clients

  • Pay per pallet – we can minimize your costs by only charging for the number of pallets you use
  • Month-to-month – we cater to the fluctuations eCommerce companies are prone to by offering month-to-month contracts and not locking you into long-term contracts, so you can store items whenever you need to and until you don't
  • Any product size – we're an inclusive business with space for anyone with any sized product

Additional Services

  • Kitting and Labelling – Kitting, custom labelling, or special packaging – we’re here to take care of it all. Shift staff builds thousands of kits daily for government suppliers and multi-level marketers, regularly building complex kits that include up to 25 different products.