Retail and Ecommerce fulfillment services

Quickly connect your eCommerce store with Shift and let shift handle your customers’ orders as soon as they are placed - from picking to packing to timely delivery.

  • Same-day order shipment
  • Flexible storage options
  • Discounted shipping rates
  • Strategic warehouse locations
  • Faster delivery times
  • Lower fulfillment costs

How Shift Fulfillment Works



Connect your store to Shift’s cloud based FMS

Shift integrates with industry-leading platforms like Magento, Shopify and many more. See the full list of Shift integrations here. There’s OpenAPI integration if you prefer. Our secure, cloud-based platform will then monitor inventory and orders and manage shipments.


Receive and Store

We receive and store your stock in suitable locations

You deliver your items to one of our warehouses. We receive your stock and optimize its storage across our network of warehouses, keeping it prepped for shipping and closer to your customers for the fastest possible delivery. You get real-time monitoring and insights into activity, efficiency and customer satisfaction.



We ship from the nearest fulfillment center as soon as an order is placed

Our team reacts immediately as soon as the customer places an order. Without you lifting a finger, we ship their item at discounted shipping rates from the nearest fulfillment center, delivering delightful customer experiences.

Shift to Better

You can build and scale your Ecommerce business without having to own your own premises. We’ve already set up a network of fulfillment centers, managed by our cloud-based technology application. Focus solely on your product marketing and development while our professionals handle your end-to-end order fulfillment.


Cut Storage and Fulfillment Costs

Cut down your storage and fulfillment costs by paying only for the space you use, whether one pallet or 10,000 sq feet. In addition, we charge only for the orders that we ship, no minimum orders.


Scale Simply and Easily

Say no to Long term contracts. We offer monthly, quarterly or however long you want. Upgrade or downgrade your space requirements anytime. It should be no problem. We're right there with you.


Discounted Shipping

With our vast network of shipping carriers partners and pre-negotiated rates, we can obtain discounted shipping prices. So do you now.


Accurate Picking, Packing, and Delivery

Our state-of-the-art pick-and-pack process, highly-trained staff, and a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction deliver to your customers — accurate, and on time.

Shift Gives You


Insight and Control

Our secure tech platform gives you powerful analytics, real-time visibility into your inventory and shipments, and reliable uptime and access. Get granular control over your operations with Shift. (Shift gives you complete control over your activities.)


Ready-built Integrations

Shift provides pre-built integrations with the most popular eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. You can connect multiple stores or marketplaces with Shift and process all your orders from one central place. It only takes a few steps to integrate your store, saving time and cost.


Open API

With Shift RESTful API, you can create custom cart connections, integrate Shift services into your legacy or ERP systems and connect shopping carts or marketplace.


Kitting and Labeling

Our highly-trained warehouse professionals handle high-volume kit assembly and custom labeling. Once you pass on your requirements to us, we can handle it all.


Returns Management

Shift handles your returns the same way we handle orders: we alert you when an item arrives at the warehouse, giving you real-time visibility into returns flows, volumes, status and stocks.


Subscription Delivery

Monthly, biweekly, weekly or more frequently, we can manage your subscription deliveries to ensure that your customers get the best of your latest offering — right on time.

We Work With



Lab Supplies Medical Equipment


Food and Groceries

Meal Ingredients
Groceries Hotel and Canteen Supplies



Printed & Non-Printed Paper Machine Parts Company Merchandise



Marketplace/Dropship Orders In-Store Pick-ups Seasonal Material

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