Accelerate Growth, Amplify Efficiency: Multi-Seller Order Syncing for E-commerce Marketplaces




Efficient order management is a critical aspect of success for any e-commerce platform. At Shift, we recognize the importance of providing a streamlined solution for multi-sub-seller platforms.


That’s why we are excited to introduce our latest feature: multi seller Order Syncing. With this innovative addition to our platform, orders can be seamlessly synced at admin level and can be mapped to their specific shipping accounts (which are managed by sub sellers). This enables the sub sellers to manage and process their orders with ease.


In this blog post, we will further explore the benefits and functionalities of this powerful feature and how it revolutionizes order fulfilment for sub-sellers.


Simplifying Order Syncing and Mapping:


Traditionally, managing and fulfilling orders from multiple sub-sellers required manual coordination and multiple systems. Our Multi seller Order Syncing feature simplifies this process by allowing the admin to sync orders at the platform level and maps them to the corresponding sub-seller’s shipping account. This synchronization creates a centralized and efficient workflow for order fulfilment.


– Order Syncing: The admin can sync all incoming orders from sub-sellers into a unified order management system. This consolidation of orders provides a holistic view of all sales activity within the platform, thus enabling better tracking and oversight.


– Sub-Seller Order Mapping: Each sub-seller is assigned their own unique shipping account within the platform. When orders are synced, the system automatically maps each order to the corresponding sub-seller’s shipping account based on predefined rules or settings. This ensures that sub-sellers have direct control over managing and processing their own orders.


– Order Management Dashboard: Sub-sellers gain access to a dedicated order management dashboard within the shift application. From this dashboard, they can view and manage their mapped orders, update order statuses, generate shipping labels, and handle customer communication.


– Shipping Account Integration: Our platform integrates with various shipping carriers and services, allowing sub-sellers to connect to their preferred shipping accounts. This integration enables direct access to shipping rates, label generation, tracking information, and other shipping-related functionalities within the sub-seller’s own account.


What is in it for the Sub-Sellers?


– Efficient Order Management: Sub-sellers can efficiently manage their own orders without the need for manual coordination with the admin. They have full control over order processing, fulfilment, and customer communication, resulting in improved efficiency and faster order turnaround times.


– Customized Shipping Account: Each sub-seller can integrate their preferred shipping account into the platform, ensuring consistency in their shipping processes and maintaining their established carrier relationships. This allows sub-sellers to leverage their existing shipping rates, services, and configurations.


– Streamlined Workflow: The seamless order syncing and mapping process eliminates manual data entry and reduces the potential for errors. Sub-sellers can focus on fulfilling orders promptly and delivering exceptional customer service, enhancing their overall business operations.




At Shift Logistics, we have you covered with our Multi seller Order Syncing feature. By simplifying order syncing and mapping, providing a dedicated order management dashboard, and integrating with shipping accounts, we enable sub-sellers to enhance their order fulfilment efficiency. With this powerful feature, sub-sellers can streamline their workflow, customize their shipping processes, and experience improved overall business operations.


Choose Shift Logistics today and revolutionize your order management.