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Find everything you need to streamline your shipping

process and grow your business

Carrier aggregator platform

Unified Platform

Streamline Your Order Journey Across Multiple Platforms

Effortless Deliveries

Streamline fulfillment with efficient processes, reducing lead time. 

Keep Customers in the Loop

Real-Time Tracking at Every Stage of Their Order

Simplify Order Processing

Automate Bulk Orders with a Single Click

Compare and Save

Get Real-Time Shipping Rates That Work for You

Reduce Returns and Delight Customers

NDR Panel Enhances Satisfaction

Unlock Business Insights

Real-Time Reports and Dashboards for Smart Decision Making

Effortless Cash-On-Delivery Management

Schedule Remittances with Ease

Take Control of Your Inventory

Centralized Monitoring Across Channels


  • Expand Your Market Reach
  • Simplify Order Processing
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  • Optimize Costs and Boost Profits
  • Streamline Operations and Drive Growth

How it works

Connect your store

Import and process all your orders across your channels seamlessly with Shift.

Select your courier partner

Book your shipment with your preferred delivery partner

Pack and ship

Pack your orders, print labels and hand it over to the courier partner


Track the order and keep your customers informed via SMS and email notifications

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Shift Logistics partners with these carriers to lower your shipping costs.


A shipping aggregator platform is a digital application that simplifies shipping by bringing together different carriers and services in one place. Inventory and shipping management platform helps users compare rates, choose shipping options, create labels, track packages, and manage their shipments more efficiently.

shipping aggregator platform streamlines shipping for businesses by integrating with various carriers, offering users a single interface to compare rates and services. Users register, input shipment details, and receive a list of options. The platform generates labels, provides real-time tracking, and handles payment. With analytics and support, businesses enhance efficiency and reduce costs, optimizing their logistics through a centralized solution and shipping aggregator technology in India.

While the primary benefit is simplicity in order processing and a provision of utilising multiple carrier options, Shift offers a lot more on the table such as bulk order processing, NDR order management, live rate calculator, multi-seller order management, and branding on the tracking page. These features enable sellers to unload their operational difficulties and help them focus on business growth.

Shift doesn’t differentiate if your business is big or small and focuses only on enhancing your order processing experience. Whether your store is online in a marketplace or offline where all order details are stored in Excel, Shift allows you to sync your orders into the application and process them seamlessly. Small businesses can benefit from the dashboard and reports section where analytics based on their order data are generated which can be used for business decisions and growth. 

A shipping aggregator platform typically integrates with a variety of shipping carriers to provide users with diverse options. Common carriers include major international and domestic services such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS, and regional or specialized carriers. The platform aims to offer a comprehensive range of choices, allowing users to compare rates, services, and delivery times across various carriers, ultimately optimizing their shipping experience based on specific needs and preferences.

While primary functionalities can be achieved even with the free plan where you can create, sync, and assign orders to carriers, premium and ultimate plans deliver the complete aggregator experience. We offer 4 eCommerce Fulfillment Services Pricing plans costing zero, 300, 1000 and 2000 per month. you can know more on them in the pricing tab.

Shipping aggregator platforms benefit a wide range of businesses, including e-commerce retailers, small enterprises, manufacturers, marketplace sellers, freelancers, and international shippers. These platforms streamline shipping processes by integrating with various carriers, allowing users to compare rates and services. Whether handling occasional shipments or managing high volumes, businesses can optimize logistics, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction through the centralized and versatile solutions provided by shipping aggregators.

Our shipping aggregator platform is designed to help you reduce shipping costs through several key features. By integrating with multi-carrier shipping software, we provide you with a comprehensive view of shipping rates, allowing you to compare and choose the most cost-effective options for your specific needs. Additionally, our platform offers tools for optimizing packaging, improving address accuracy, and identifying the most efficient delivery routes. Through these capabilities, you can minimize shipping expenses, negotiate better rates with carriers, and enhance overall cost efficiency in your shipping operations.

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