Top 3 Advantages Small Businesses Gain by Partnering with 3PL


In today’s competitive e-commerce industry, businesses that ship products to customers face a multitude of challenges. Shipping expectations set by some of the world’s largest companies can make it nearly impossible for smaller businesses with limited resources to remain profitable.


Almost half of the online shoppers say they usually receive packages within 2-3 days and are unlikely to order from a company that does not deliver on time again. If your company is having a hard time taking care or storage, distribution, and customer satisfaction- a good third-party logistics provider can help! 


1. Pay Only for What You Use


Unplanned variations in businesses occur every day, creating a moving target for inventory management. Hopefully, these variations do not necessitate large inventory fluctuations, but there will always be seasonal increases or decreases in demand. 


At Shift, we provide storage capacity flexibility and our state-of-the-art warehouses are equipped to meet seasonal demand fluctuations. Working with a 3PL allows you to only pay for what you use and shield yourself against fluctuating warehousing requirements and associated costs.


2. It Saves Time


As a small business owner, the time spent traveling to locations, monitoring all shipping, paperwork, and managing freight can be extremely arduous and can be extremely time-consuming, and burdensome for small business owners. By outsourcing your logistics to Shift, you can use your time to refine other crucial aspects of the business while we take care of order fulfillment tasks such as picking and packing, same-day shipping,  conducting quality checks, and more! 


3. It contributes to the quality of customer service


Maintaining the supply chain necessitates a great deal of attention to detail. This can create distractions and may not always provide your customers with the positive experience they desire. 


When your business partners with Shift Logistics, you can attain the services of qualified picking and packing professionals as well as revered carrier partners who help ensure your shipments are handled with care and properly taken care of. Thus, outsourcing your logistics can ultimately serve as a wise investment for your company.


At first glance, the transportation and shipping process may appear to be as simple as moving an object from point A to point B. In reality, however, it is a complex chain of operations that necessitates a large amount of bulky and expensive equipment. Shift Logistics can help you up-and-coming business save the day by bringing all of the necessary equipment to complete every single order, no matter how large.


Third-party logistics providers can provide expertise, assist in supply chain optimization, and save time and money. Trusting Shift with your shipping and fulfillment logistics can make a significant difference in how your business operates and free up your time to focus on increasing your overall value to customers! For more information connect with us.