Top Obstacles Faced by D2C Businesses


As the eCommerce industry evolves and flourishes at a rapid pace, D2C brands are facing challenges that can have an effect on the business bottom line, cause losses, and greatly impact business reputation. From customer retention to revenue generation, D2C brands are now coming face-to-face with a lot of problems that can pose a major challenges to business success. 


This blog explores some of the key issues faced by D2C brands and how to effectively overcome them! 


1. A Competitive Market

In the fast-growing eCommerce landscape, a new online store opens up every other day! As competition increases by leaps and bounds, it has become extremely crucial for D2C businesses to stay ahead of their contemporaries!  


If you wish to set your business apart from that of your competitor’s, you will need to provide world-class services to enable a positive brand image. One way to gain a competitive advantage against other D2C brands in your industry is by ensuring fast shipping and express order fulfillment


Shift Logistics comes equipped with comprehensive shipping and product delivery solutions for D2C sellers including same-day shipments, professional packing services, strategic warehouse locations closer to customers, and more to help brands build a remarkable reputation! 

2. Building Customer Loyalty 

Did you know that about half of a company’s revenue comes out of approximately 8% of their most loyal customer-base


In a direct-to-consumer business model, customer experience becomes key to customer loyalty. If you wish to leave a lasting impression on your consumer, third-party logistics provider can come to your aid! 


With Shift Logistics, you can offer an incredible post purchase experience via real-time order tracking, shipping updates via SMS and email, a unique unboxing experience with quality packaging and much more! 

3. Product Returns and Refunds

In this day and age, it has become common practice for shoppers to look up a brand’s returns policy before making a purchase. According to a survey, 80% online customers believe that a bad return experience can break their loyalty towards a brand. 


The right third party logistics partner can also enable smooth and easy returns with the help of a streamlined returns management system. At Shift, we warrant a swift returns pickup process along with fast order fulfillment capabilities. With the help of our trusted carrier network, you can delight your customers with a first-class return experience to ensure hassle-free customer retention. 

D2C businesses will need to keep up with their competitors, offer easy returns, provide quality customer experiences and more to realize their business goals. An experienced and well-equipped third-party logistics partner can make the task of navigating your way through the ever-changing eCommerce sector much easier. Partner with Shift Logistics today to successfully overcome significant business challenges in a short period of time!